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How to heat treat 14C28N knife steel

Alleima® (previously Sandvik) 14C28N is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high-quality professional knife applications. The optimized chemistry provides a knife steel with a unique combination […]

Yoco POS Payments – A Knifemaker Review

As a knifemaker and small business owner in South Africa, time out of the shop has a direct impact on the production/output of knives from the workshop. Fewer knives coming […]

How to Heat Treat Böhler M390 Steel

Böhler M390 is a third-generation martensitic chromium steel produced with powder metallurgy. Due to its alloying concept, this steel offers extremely high wear resistance, decent toughness, good corrosion resistance (food-grade […]

How to Heat Treat Bohler K460 (O1) Tool Steel

Bohler-Uddeholm K460 (1.2510) (AISI O1) is a popular carbon cold work tool steel that knife makers have used very effectively for decades. Famously O1 has been used by Randall Knives […]

How to Heat Treat 80CrV2 Steel

80CrV2 (1.2235) (AISI L2) is a relatively new steel for South African knife makers (2020). However, it is popular in northern Europe (Finland) as Swedish saw steel and has seen […]

How to Plate-Quench Stainless Steel

Heat treating (if done in-house) is a critically important step in the knifemaking process. It’s also one that when it goes wrong it can go wrong very quickly, resulting in […]