how to harden 80crv2 blade steel

How to Heat Treat 80CrV2 Steel

80CrV2 (1.2235) (AISI L2) is a relatively new steel for South African knife makers (2020). However, it is popular in northern Europe (Finland) as Swedish saw steel and has seen growth in the US since 2014 thanks to efforts by…

How to Plate Quench Stainless Steel

How to Plate-Quench Stainless Steel

Heat treating (if done in-house) is a critically important step in the knifemaking process. It’s also one that when it goes wrong it can go wrong very quickly, resulting in cracked or warped blades that either get chucked into a…

What is a K-Tip or Kiritsuke knife

What is a K-Tip or Kiritsuke Knife?

At the time of writing this, I had recently been commissioned to make a unique 21st birthday present for a client and we decided on a 250mm K-tip gyuto chef knife. Japanese gyuto’s themselves have a rich history but I wondered if that was true for K-tips. Were they truly just the current trend or was there historical significance behind the design as well?
Sub-zero cryogenic treatment of knife steels

Sub-Zero Cryogenic Treatment of Knife Steels

In my collection of heat treatment specifications and research papers is a fair amount of info on the topic of cryogenic treatment of knife steels. Not that I’m a metallurgist or scientist by any means, but I do take a…

Western or Eastern style knife handles? What's your preference

Japanese or Western Handles, Which is Better?

We've been told that western full-tang handles are the best. But with Asian style knives becoming more prevalent in the market, is it time we challenge this long-standing and common belief and find out if Japanese handles are just as good?
How to make chef knives from start to finish

The Knifemaking Process of Chef Knives

Many people have asked how I make my knives. To that point, I wanted to put together a photo recreation outlining the entire knife making process from start to finish. This is for "stock removal" knives rather than forged blades.