Best CAD Software for Knifemakers

Best Knife Design CAD Software for Knifemakers

Does computer-aided knife design ultimately take away from the knifemaking art or result in knives that can’t be considered handmade? It is a debate that comes up more often than not as custom “handmade” knives are in some eyes, no…

How to Choose the Perfect Chef Knife

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Knife

When selecting a knife or a set of knives for your kitchen, you can certainly go to any retail store and purchase an inexpensive set of knives made with plastic handles and low-grade steel. But, when you want something of…

What End Grain, Edge Grain, Face Grain is best for a chopping board

What makes a quality chopping board?

A cutting board is an essential tool in any kitchen, a great gift, and a beautiful piece of home decor. But with so many different styles and materials (and such a wide range of prices), how do you know what type of board is right for you?
My First Budget Knife Grinder - The 1 x 30

My First Knife Grinder – The Ryobi 1×30 EMBS-200

I started making knives after being challenged by a friend. That probably sounds familiar, something akin to peer pressure. We’ve all heard the cautionary tales and should really heed the advice of our parents and avoid these situations. However, my…

How To: Force a Patina on Knives

How To: Force a Vinegar Patina on Knife Blades

Forcing a patina on a knife blade may sound like a silly idea at first. After all, knifemakers spend countless hours polishing and finishing the knives so that they look their absolute best. However, patinas can serve other purposes like, to…

Topham Knife Co - How To Care For Your Chef Knives

How To Care For Your Chef Knives

For home cooks and professional chefs alike, nothing is more important (or exciting) than owning your own knife. A good chef knife allows you to express your own individuality, to work more quickly, more efficiently, more consistently, and more safely.…

How To: Care For Your Chef Knives

How to: Oil your wooden-handled knives

We all love wood-handled knives because they feel great, have soul, and they’re comfortable to use. Taking care of a knife with a wooden handle is actually not difficult at all and involves oiling and waxing the handle to mitigate…