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Anthony holding a custom ordered chef knife at the 2019 Brooklyn Knife Show

My Passion

Culinary knives are household staples regardless of country, culture, and or creed. They are essential tools that help prepare home-cooked meals that feed our families and loved ones.

I take great joy in making chef knives that will delight. Every knife is handcrafted using the finest available materials, and designed for performance and beauty. Whether you’re a home cook or executive restaurant chef, I hope these knives will be used, loved, and handed down for generations.


Custom Knives

Push the boundaries of what you have previously thought was possible. Handcrafted kitchen knives featuring Advanced geometries, World-class materials, and fused with a passion for excellence.

Heat Treatment

At Topham Knife Co. we offer specialized heat treatment services to fellow knifemakers and bladesmiths. Most of the popular grades of knife steels, (carbon, stainless & damascus) can be hardened, up to a maximum length of 50cm and 10cm wide.


As a Knifemaker, you’ll need to take advantage of social media to reach a wider audience, show your best pieces to prospective buyers, and build a portfolio of work that will serve to establish your styles and value to the viewers.


Topham Knife Co sharpens each knife entirely by hand using Japanese water stones, typically starting off at 1,000 grit and finishing between 4,000 grit and 6,000 grit (up to 10’000 grit). After polishing on stones, the knife is brought to a razor finish on a leather strop.


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Anthony won 2nd place at the inaugral KZN bladesport event
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My Latest Work

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