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Past Works

All the knives shown here have already been sold but can be referenced, should you find something that “speaks to you”. 

Please note that all work is done entirely by myself for individual clients or knives inspired by materials that are found or gifted.The knives never leave my workshop during their creation. I do all the shaping, heat-treatment, embellishment, handle shaping, in-house and mainly by hand.

Chef Knife with N690, Copper and Red Ivory
230mm Chef knife
Custom Honesuki Boning Knife
240mm D-shape Gyuto Chef Knife
TophamKnifeCo - 210mm Gyuto Chef with stainless damascus ferule and maple burl
7 inch Western Santoku with Brass and Tambotie handle
Tambooti Santoku Chef Knife
240mm Gyuto Chefs Knife
240mm Western Gyuto Chef Knife
Topham Full Tang Petty Knife
250mm K-tip Gyuto 1084 and leadwood
Stainless Damascus Nakiri Chef Knife by Anthony Topham
7 Inch full Tang Santoku Chef Knife Elmax & Red Bushwillow
Santoku Chef knife by Anthony Topham
TophamKnifeCo - Custom Chef Knife
240mm Western Gyuto with Brass and Tambotie handle
Elmax 210mm Gyuto Chef Knife with redbushwillow and camelthorn