Kitchen Knife Handle Upgrade

Replacing a handle can be an awesome opportunity to restore, refurbish, and breathe a whole new life into an old knife that you love.

This is also an opportunity to pick or customize your handle shape and materials ahead of a rehandle service. New handles can easily be constructed to match the old handle shape, but custom shapes are also accommodated if you would prefer, say, an octagonal Japanese style handle (wa), or a more rounded classically western handle (yo).

Rehandling is priced on a case-by-case basis based on materials. Additional work/charges will be confirmed only after consultation with you.

Indicative pricing:

  • Basic hardwoods: Start at R500
  • Stabilized Burls: Start at R1000

Sharpening is included in the price of repair (free). Major Damage corrections will be charged for separately, again only after consultation with you.

Questions? Please send me an email.

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Knife handles need love too. Read – How to care for your knife handles.

Please make sure your knives are clean before bringing them in for sharpening. There is an additional R100 cleaning fee per knife for dirty knives (dried food, grease, etc).

Return shipping will be included in the cost, in order to facilitate the return of your knives via the mail-in service. If you are local to the Upper-highway area, you can of course deliver/collect your knives from me, free of charge.

Please sheath and package your knives carefully when sending them to me. this will prevent injury and be reused in the return of your knife/knives.