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Please make sure your knives are clean before bringing them in for sharpening. There is an additional R100 cleaning fee per knife for dirty knives (dried food, grease, etc).

Shipping will be included in the cost, in order to facilitate the return of your knives via the mail-in service. If you are local to the Upper-highway area, you can of course deliver/collect your knives from me, free of charge.

The sharpening of scissors, farm implements, industrial equipment, and other non-kitchen knife items, is not offered as a service.

We reserve the right to refuse any knife for sharpening.

Please be aware that thinning and refinishing will affect the finish on the sides of the knives, and as such will change the visual appearance. We do our best to recreate the original finish look when possible (and if requested), but logos and markings may be fainter or disappear depending on the amount of thinning and refinishing required.

Additionally, damascus knives may appear different, as many craftsmen use different methods for etching and we do not have access to all of those methods (sandblaster, brush wheel, specific stone powders, specific kinds of etchant, etc.), it is recommended that you contact the original bladesmith, for sharpening and finishing.


"3rd Party", "TophamKnifeCo"


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