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Flat Grind Bevel Angle Calculator

Online calculator. Do you need to know what angle to flat grind a knife? Finding the right bevel angle is important if you’re aiming for consistent grinds.

Type N Thermocouple Upgrade

So recently (at the start of 2024) my thermocouple packed up on me and as karma or the universe willed it I had some blades I needed to harden some […]

How to heat treat CPM MagnaCut

CPM MagnaCut was specially designed and developed for knives in 2021. Its composition was conceived by Larrin Thomas, a doctor in metallurgy (son of Devin Thomas), and is well known […]

How to heat treat DamasteelĀ® RWL34

RWL34 is a Rapid Solidified Powder (RSP) martensitic stainless steel, hardenable and non-patterned steel. The alloy represents an excellent combination of corrosion resistance and hardenability. RWL34 is named after the […]

How to harden 440C stainless steel

AISI 440C (X105CrMo17) has the highest carbon stainless steel of the 400 series. It has one of the highest attainable hardnesses (58-60HRC) of the corrosion and heat-resisting grades. Grades 440A and […]

Advanced Chef Knife Grinds

If you’ve ever wondered how to grind a chef knife or what are the best culinary knife grinds this post should help dispel some of the myths and point you […]

Water Cooled Quench Plates Project

Quench plates are a fantastic tool for the heat treating of knife blades. If you’ve read my posts on How to plate quench or the various heat treatment guides for […]