Knife Photography

Knives and photography go well together as knife makers spend countless hours crafting their knives and it’s only right that the beauty is captured for: 

  • Promotion – To keep YOUR work visible and current
  • Posterity – A visual record of your styles and growth as a maker

As a Knife maker you’ll need to take advantage of social media to reach a wider audience,  show your best pieces to prospective buyers, and build a portfolio of work which will serve to establish your styles and value to the viewers.

I thank my photography clients for their continuing support. My normal turn-around time reflects my workload, and is as much as 2 weeks.

Background colours, pointing up or down, landscape or portrait, are all subjective choices I will vary unless we discuss beforehand. If you have preferences OR reservations I would like to know ahead of time to avoid disappointments / back and forth / delays.

  • I’m based near the coast in KZN where it is a bit more humid that the interior of the country. I’m NOT responsible for handle swelling or shrinking in shipment, upon arrival, or due to a different climate than origination.
  • ALL shipping fees paid by client (to me and return)
  • Payment is expected no later than delivery of the images and knives
  • Please use masking tape, or rubber bands please, so that I can use it to repackage your knife/knives for their return.


  • Knife Single (solo knife & sheath): 500 ZAR
  • Knife Composite (solo knife, multiple views): 800 ZAR
  • Portfolio Montage (Additional knives in same image): 500 + 100 ea
  • 3+ knives at same time : Free Return Shipping


  • Link to download hi-resolution file (jpeg): Free
  • Images resized for:
        • Instagram (1080px by 1080px): Free
        • Facebook (1200px by 628px): Free
Dude, thank you.Those photos are f'ing awesome!
Neels Van Den Berg ABS JS | Topham Knife Co
Neels Van Den Berg
ABS JS Bladesmith