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what knifemakers need to know about the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora

What knifemakers need to know about CITES

I’ve seen numerous posts on various facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, you name it of knifemakers asking advice on rare materials. It’s usually ivory come to think of it with some makers wanting to sell, buy or simply know if they can sell knives with the aforementioned materials.

In response to this, I penned an article on KZNknifemakers that dealt with these questions a bit more in-depth and hopefully assist knifemakers in South Africa and around the work to navigate CITES protections.

Sending knives around the world with protected wood, ivory, and other animal-derived products has always been problematic and remains so. As such it pays to be fully informed on what you can and cannot import or export. It is best to consult the relevant bodies if unsure.

The below information has been compiled to inform and help fellow knifemakers be aware of the status of the materials they use, may use in the future, and what implications can result if proper procedures aren’t followed.

A big thank you goes to Etienne Du Plooy from Prosono for providing information for this article. Etienne works closely with both CITES and South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) for nature conservation and permits.

Read the full article on KZNknifemakers.co.za